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1614905604 Air Oil Separator For Compressor

1614905604 Air oil separator for compressor,our model code is SQ3599.We use the import filtration, normative technique, advanced process. The good quality filtration can make sure the filtering effect, the technique guides the production, and the processes make sure the quality.


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Air oil separator for compressor 1614905604 

The air-oil separator is one of the most important parts of oiled compressors. It separates the oil from compressed air, and then creates clean compressed air. So the performance of air-oil separator will directly affect the compressor efficiency, oil consumption and the quality of compressed air.

SL Filter provides air filter separators which are made of corrosion-resistant and high performance microfiber filter material, so it can filter out all particle oil drops larger than 3μm. Besides, the high-performance air-oil separator has the feature of long service life.


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