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Plastic Housing Parts Cabin Filter 97619-3D100

Plastic Housing Parts Cabin Filter 97619-3D100

Cabin air filter 97619-3D100, our model code is SC-H096-1AB, the application for Hyundai-motor. The specification is L:257*W:195*H:38mm.


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The cabin air filter workes as a line of defense for our breathing system while the car is in motion. The cabin air filter is mainly used to filter out the dust, impurity, pollen and so on in the outside air, which protects the air conditioning system from bacteria, viruses, mites and so on. Therefore, the cabin air filter needs to be changed regularly to prevent bacteria buildup and protect the health of passengers.

Besides, SL Filter cabin air filter adopt a MICROBAN antimicrobial surface coating, which can kill almost all bacteria and allergens. Without a cabin air filter, the air purifier cannot eliminate continuous air pollutants...

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