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Filter Cartridge FS1212 Diesel Fuel Water Filter For Hitachi EX550-5

Filter Cartridge FS1212 Diesel Fuel Water Filter For Hitachi EX550-5

Model No. SF-M5010. It is a Fuel filter which providing clean fuel oil for engine combustion. Fuel filters are classified into coarse filter and fine filters, which belong to two-stage filtration. The first stage is coarse which filter and separate the impurities and water in diesel oil. The second stage is fine which can filter the particles in diesel oil. For 4um particle filtration efficiency, it reaches over 99%. It can protect the nozzle and the high pressure common rail system.


Filter Cartridge FS1212 Diesel Fuel Water Filter BF1212 4291867 For Hitachi EX550-5 EX750-5 

OE code4616864Thread size1"-14UNF-2B
Poduct nameFuel fitlerProdcut SizeOD:93*H:200mm
Car makeTruck Business typeManufacturer
ModelHitachi excavator Place of originDongguan,China
Warranty10000 milesBrand Name SL FILTER
ApplicationHitachi excavator OEM/DEMAvailable
PackageCustomers instructionCertificationIATF16949

SL Fuel filter product Characteristics:            

1) Good Quality for Shell Structure

High quality steel with thickness 0.8-1.0 mm for the shell. The screw plate thickness can withstand 25 bar pressure and 2HZ-90,000 pulse.

2) High Quality for Sealing Ring

Experiments prove that the sealing rings good oil resistance, high temperature resistance, no deformation, and strong continuous .

3) Top Quality for Filter Material

 ISO19438 with high filtration efficiency and dust capacity. The filter materials won’t be carbonized at high oil temperature within 500 hours during working.

4) Hierarchical System

To ensure clean fuel , SL fuel filter can achieve 99% filtration efficiency for 10 micron particle by the coarse filtration and for 4 micron particle, it  98.5% with fine filtration.


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