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air filter installation and use

air filter installation and use

Apr 28, 2017

1. At installation, air filter and engine inlet pipe between the use of flange, rubber pipe joints or direct joints, must be tight and reliable, to prevent leakage, filter elements must be installed on both sides of the rubber washers; Fixed air filter housings for the wing nut can not be screwed too tight, lest the paper filter.

2, in maintenance, the paper filter must not be placed in the oil cleaning, otherwise the paper filter will be ineffective, but also prone to accidents. Maintenance, can only use vibration method, soft brush division (to follow its wrinkle brush) or compressed air to remove the surface of the paper filter adhesion to dust, dirt. In the coarse filter part, the dust collecting parts, leaf blades and cyclone tubes should be cleaned up promptly. Even if every time can be carefully maintained, the paper filter can not completely restore the original performance, its intake resistance will increase, so generally when the paper filter needs to carry out the 4th maintenance, should replace the new filter. If the paper filter cartridge rupture, perforation or filter papers and end-cover degumming problems, should be replaced immediately.

3, in use, to guard against the core of the air filter by rain moisture, because once the paper core adsorption a lot of moisture, will greatly increase the intake resistance, shortening the mission. In addition, the paper core air filter cannot be contacted with oil and fire.

4, some vehicle engines equipped with Cyclone air filter, paper filter end of the plastic cover is the Shroud, the hood of the blade to make the air rotation, 80% of the dust in the centrifugal force of the separation, collecting dust in the bosom of the dust, the paper filter to arrive at the amount of dust inhalation of 20%, the total filtration efficiency in about 99.7%. Therefore, the maintenance of the Cyclone air filter, the attention of the filter is not to leak the plastic diversion mask.