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LUC Oil filter car use and maintenance

LUC Oil filter car use and maintenance

Apr 28, 2017

LUC Series Fine oil filter is with the rapid development of modern hydraulic technology emerged, in line with the requirements of the hydraulic system ultra-high pressure, large flow, high-precision requirements, can ensure the reliability of the hydraulic system, as well as the cleanliness of oil.

The following items need to be noticed when using and maintaining:

At startup, the attention cannot be reversed, causing the pump shaft seal blowing out of the air; in the process of use, oil pump may inhale air, affect the flow of oil pump, in order to ensure the flow size, and the filter core work, should be timely open the exhaust valve;

After a period of time, the oil vehicle is used because the contaminant jam the coarse filter surface so that the oil suction is not smooth. The oil pump noise is too large, should be shut down cleaning cartridge; Fine filter used for a period of time, by the pollutant blockage, caused by the pressure of the filter drum, to reach 0.4Mpa, timely replacement of fine filter; When the filter pressure drops suddenly, check whether the fine filter is penetrated.

1. If the oil filter car does not extract oil, check

is the oil pump steering right

b tank to the oil suction mouth parts are reliable sealing, oil suction mouth whether to leave the oil or oil has been exhausted

C Coarse filter Cartridge plugging

2. Reduce the flow of oil filter, check

Whether the coarse essence filter is blocked

The oil pump shaft seal is worn or caused by reverse.

3. Filter pressure drops suddenly, check whether the essence filter is penetrated.