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Oil installment precautions

Oil installment precautions

Apr 28, 2017

Oil installment precautions

Built-in oil

1, the installation of oil should be checked before the pressure valve has no leakage, return oil system is blocked, one-way valve has no damage to ensure the best use of oil and normal life.

2, the installation of oil before the oil and gas barrels should be exposed to the two sides clean derusting, to ensure that the oil points of good contact.

3, the installation of the asbestos pad to wipe the butter, it is stuck in the oil flange, easy to install also guaranteed gas tightness; You can also play glue, but note that the glue does not attach to conductive nails, prevent the conductive bad caused by burning oil breakdown.

4. For machines that can be adjusted back to the tubing depth, the back tubing should be inserted at the bottom, and then 1 to 2 mm will be lifted to ensure the optimum effect of the return oil. For a machine that cannot be adjusted to the depth of the back tubing, note that the replacement of the oil points to the height of the back tubing match, such as the height of the problem should be adjusted to the best possible position, as far as possible to the bottom of the tubing cut into 45 degrees of oblique mouth.

5, for both ends of the oil will be sealed on the seal pad coated industrial Sealant (liquid sealant), attention to glue, do not attach the conductive metal part to ensure the sealing of both ends.

External oil

The installation of oil time-sharing will be a large rubber ring on the butter to ensure the gas tightness of the oil, in the internal O-ring on the butter, to reduce the oil separation and the friction of the catheter, so that the oil is easy to install.