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Analysis On The Cause Of Oil-gas Separator Running Phenomenon

Analysis On The Cause Of Oil-gas Separator Running Phenomenon

Apr 28, 2017

Cause analysis and corresponding solution of oil occurrence running oil phenomenon:

Oil occurrence running phenomenon is related to many factors, in the actual process, we found that most of the fault complaint is not the quality of oil, and generally related to the following aspects:

1. Minimum pressure valve failure

If the minimum pressure valve seal has leakage point or the minimum pressure valve to open early (because each manufacturer's design open pressure varies,) usually the range between 3.5~5.5kg/cm2, then the machine in the beginning of the operation of the establishment of oil and gas tank pressure time will increase, at this time in the low-pressure state of the gas oil mist concentration, through the oil time-sharing flow rate, the oil load increased, the separation effect decreased, resulting in large fuel consumption.

Solution: Overhaul the minimum pressure valve, replacement if necessary.

2, the use of unqualified oil

Now the general screw air compressor all have high temperature protection, its usually jumping machine temperature is about 110 ℃, while some machines in the use of substandard oil, at high exhaust temperatures will appear to varying degrees of fuel consumption phenomenon (based on this, the higher the temperature, the greater the fuel consumption, the reason is that after the high temperature oil and gas barrel after the primary separation of some oil droplets can be with the gas phase molecules have the same order of magnitude, molecular diameter ≤ 0.01 μm, oil is difficult to capture the separation, resulting in excessive fuel consumption.

Solution: Find the cause of high temperature, solve the problem to reduce the temperature, as much as possible to choose good quality oil.

3, oil and gas separation tank design not standard

Some air compressor manufacturers, in the design of oil-gas separation tanks, the primary separation system design is unreasonable, the primary separation effect is not ideal, so that the oil mist before the concentration of high content, excessive oil load, inadequate processing capacity, resulting in excessive fuel consumption.

Solution: The manufacturer improves the design, improves the primary separation effect.

4, refueling too much

Refueling quantity exceeds the normal oil level, some oil with the airflow away, resulting in excessive fuel consumption.

Solution: After the shutdown, to the gas tank in the air pressure leakage to zero, open the discharge valve, the oil discharged to the normal oil level.

5, the return oil check valve damage

If the return to the oil one-way valve damage (from one-way to two-way), after the shutdown of the oil tank pressure will be a large number of oil through the back to the oil pipe back to the internal separation, the next machine run, oil in the internal oil will not be able to promptly suction back to the nose, resulting in part of the oil with the separated air run into the air compressor (this situation is common in the device of the valve and the nose exhaust outlet one-way valve machine).

Solution: After demolition check one-way valve, if there is debris to its card, cleaning up debris can, such as one-way valve damaged, the replacement of new products.

6. Improper installation of Back tubing

In the replacement, cleaning, maintenance of air compressor, back tubing not inserted into the bottom of the oil (reference: From the bottom of the oil 1~2mm is better), resulting in the separation of oil can not be returned to the nose, the accumulation of oil will be with compressed air to run out.

Solution: Downtime, after the pressure to return to zero, the back of the tubing to reasonable height (back to the bottom of the oil from the 1~2mm branch, the oblique mouth of the back tubing can be inserted into the bottom of the oil).

7, the use of gas, overload and low pressure

Overload low pressure use refers to the user using screw air compressor, the exhaust pressures did not reach the screw air compressor itself rated working pressure, but the basic ability to meet some of the user's gas requirements, such as: Enterprise users increased gas equipment, with the increase of gas volume, screw air compressor exhaust gas and user gas can not achieve balance, assuming the air compressor rated exhaust pressure 8kg/cm2, but the actual use of pressure only 5kg/cm2 even lower, such screw compressor in a long-term load running state, Unable to reach the rated pressure value of the machine, resulting in increased fuel consumption, the reason is that the exhaust volume is unchanged, the oil and gas mixture through the flow rate accelerated, excessive oil mist concentration, resulting in heavier oil load, and ultimately lead to large fuel consumption.