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Car Air Filter Maintenance Misunderstanding

Car Air Filter Maintenance Misunderstanding

Dec 06, 2018

With the development of sustainable development, the awareness of environmental protection and energy conservation has increased, more and more people are paying attention to the environmental performance of the car, especially the maintenance and maintenance of the vehicle air filter. However, many friends have some misunderstandings during the maintenance of the car due to lack of maintenance awareness.

1. The maintenance of the vehicle air filter is very old-fashioned and not smart enough.

Most private car owners also know the importance of replacing the air filter of the vehicle. However, when replacing the air filter of the vehicle, it is subject to the instruction of the vehicle maintenance operation, and then replace the vehicle according to the mileage provided by the pointer. filter. However, the degree of negative impact of the current city is different, and the corresponding number of suspended particles is different. If the northern part of the city has a negative impact, the replacement and maintenance of the vehicle air filter cannot be simply carried out according to the clarification book. At this time, the condition of the vehicle is usually abnormally abnormal. Therefore, the maintenance period should be shortened and the quality of the vehicle filter should be improved. This is the right way to maintain.

2, do not pay attention to quality when purchasing air filter

Although many car owners now choose 4S stores when replacing air filters, with the in-depth understanding of the vehicle structure, it is very simple to replace the vehicle filter, but it is still a replacement in the 4S shop. Replacement will involve the purchase of a new air filter. However, at present, many car owners do not know the function of the air filter very accurately. Usually, the air filter with low price and poor quality is usually selected. The air filter performance of these air filters is not very good, especially For fine suspended particles, the filtration performance is poor, and the physical smoothing function is not very good, and the long-term application is bound to cause the vehicle engine function to be reduced, and the fuel consumption is greatly increased.