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Daily Inspection Precautions For Filter Cartridge Dust Collector

Daily Inspection Precautions For Filter Cartridge Dust Collector

Dec 05, 2018

1. Regularly check the filter chamber and filter cartridge for ash, water vapor or rust. When there are problems above

At the time, it indicates that the filter cartridge is damaged or the operation flow is incorrect.


2. Leakage of the access door is generally due to improper fastening of the door or the problem of the gasket. correct

Tighten the inspection door and replace the aging and deformed gasket to solve the leakage of the inspection door.


3, electronic control components: and the filter cartridge other components are very different, the electronic control components are not fixed

Period of work, but we recommend using the gap time that the dust collector often has to check it.

Repair, ensure that its performance is intact. Inspection of components such as solenoid valves can be checked by alternative means



4, the inspection of the pneumatic damper: can be determined according to its daily operating conditions, such as the moving damper

If it does not work, you need to check whether the gas and electricity are connected. Check the electricity when it is determined to be connected.

If the magnetic valve is damaged, if it is damaged, replace the solenoid valve immediately. If the action is wrong, first check it in.

Whether the outlet pipe is reversed, if it is reversed, the action is still abnormal after the exchange, the solenoid valve should be checked.