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Environmental Application Of Air Filters

Environmental Application Of Air Filters

Oct 10, 2019

With the development of economy and the aggravation of environmental pollution, people's awareness of environmental protection is gradually enhanced, and air quality has become an important area of global concern. Air filter systems are not only limited to industrial mechanical equipment protection, but are also deeply protected to protect human health. Air filter has been widely used in residential, commercial industry, clean room, indoor air purifier, anesthetic gas filtration equipment; Laser surgery applications, heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems, telecommunications fresh air systems, studio air filtration systems.

Housing market:

Most residential buildings in China currently don't have air filtration systems, but the number of residential buildings in China is large, adding millions of units each year. The application of air filter system in residential areas has great potential. Consumers are increasingly concerned about indoor air quality, especially those with allergies, asthma or respiratory diseases. People spend 90 percent of their time indoors, and indoor air pollution levels can be two to four times higher. Almost every space in the room contains harmful fibers and dust, such as pollen, mold, spores, hair, smoke, bacteria, viruses, asbestos, etc. Poor air quality exacerbates asthma and allergies. Using air purifier to remove indoor air pollutants is an effective method. However, due to material limitations, most household air filters are used for primary and secondary filtration, while hepa filters are mostly imported and not expensive.

Office application:

Computers, photocopiers, fax machines, printers and so on all produce large amounts of hydrocarbons, ozone and inhalable particles. These harmful substances seriously pollute the indoor environment and do harm to people's health and office equipment. Indoor air pollution in public buildings such as airports and stations is a particularly serious problem in telecommunication rooms where electronic equipment is concentrated. Air flow in the lobby of Chicago's D 'hare airport is about 51.66 million cubic meters per minute. To improve air quality, there are 1,100 pre-filters, 1,100 air filters and 2,200 air filters (carbon for 10-12 months). It needs to be replaced.