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Filters On Cars, Don't Ignore Them

Filters On Cars, Don't Ignore Them

Jan 09, 2019

When the car is in operation, use various oils and air. These oils and air are not pure, and they contain more or less impurities. These impurities increase the wear and tear of the car and shorten the service life of the car, so these impurities must be filtered out. There are various filtering devices such as air filters, oil filters, gasoline filters and the like.

There is no doubt that the oil filter is the most important filter on the car, also known as the "kidney of the engine." The main function of the oil is to filter most of the impurities in the oil, to keep the standby oil clean and to extend the service life of the engine.

When the engine is working, the metal chips generated by the friction surface of the parts, the dust in the atmosphere, and the carbon particles generated by the incomplete combustion of the fuel will penetrate into the oil. The oil itself will also be gelled by thermal oxidation, and these impurities will be mixed. In the oil. If such dirty engine oil is directly sent to the surface of the moving parts, the mechanical impurities in the oil will become abrasive, accelerate the wear of the parts, and cause blockage of the oil passage and cementing of piston rings and valves. Therefore, it is necessary to provide an oil filter in the lubrication system so that the circulating oil can be purified before being sent to the surface of the moving parts. Ensure good lubrication of the friction surface and extend its service life.