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Filtration Equipment Industry Market Domestic Substitution Space Is Enormous

Filtration Equipment Industry Market Domestic Substitution Space Is Enormous

Apr 28, 2017

Filter is a kind of common equipment used for separating solid and liquid, widely used in the hydraulic system of textile, chemical industry and so on. In recent years, the market for the filter demand gradually increased, the effect of filtration requirements are gradually upgrading. Domestic filter Equipment Manufacturers in this context, to strengthen technological innovation, has basically met the needs of the market, but compared with foreign filtration technology, is far from enough.

With the development of the times, the different types and functions of filtration equipment in the market have been born, but there are still many development bottlenecks. For example, high efficiency filter in the domestic market development prospects are very impressive, but from the global scope, China's high-efficiency filter equipment still has a certain gap with the international level, its filtration effect, structure, design needs to improve innovation. On the whole, China's press filter machinery manufacturing industry is still in the development stage, in the chemical, petrochemical, food, pharmaceutical, military manufacturing and other fields of great demand, but because of the domestic introduction of foreign advanced technology Limited, mostly rely on foreign imports, domestic filtration equipment market still pending "dig deep."

Industry experts say the main reason for the competitive advantage of domestic equipment shortage market is that the filtration technology has defects, the effect of filtration and efficiency are difficult to meet the requirements. In addition, China's filtration equipment enterprises are mainly self-employed, the market presents small, scattered, disorderly characteristics, lack of efficient management system, limited resources, because the market cannot be "emerging". Blind production can only lead to market chaos, affecting the overall development of the filtration industry.

Therefore, in the current international filtration market competition so fierce, China's enterprises engaged in the filter industry can from the following aspects of efforts: first, the technical level, in a certain technology to achieve a leading position; second, efficiency advantages, improve the efficiency of equipment use, avoid duplication of construction; Thirdly, the management advantage, and a relatively simple production and management system to establish a set of efficient management system. Thus, SMEs focus on limited resources, specializing in their own professional fields, professional products, thereby winning in the market competition.

With the rapid development of science and technology, people have a new pursuit of filtration equipment, which will also develop new areas for filters, expand the development of the filter space. Over the years, our country has been advocating green industry, so filtration equipment manufacturers to save energy from the perspective of environmental protection, improve filtration equipment, and constantly promote its development, so that it becomes a new equipment and development highlights.