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How Are Air Filters Classified According To Efficiency?

How Are Air Filters Classified According To Efficiency?

Oct 10, 2019

Air filter is the main equipment of air purification technology, it is necessary to create air purification environment.

According to the classification of filter efficiency, it can be generally divided into primary effect, medium effect, sub-medium effect, sub-efficiency and air filter. According to the classification method of filtration efficiency, it is a familiar and commonly used method, which is briefly described as follows:

Primary filter: mainly used for pre-filtration, large particles, mainly suspended particles above sp.m and over 10 microns of deposited particles and various foreign objects should be retained to prevent them from entering the system, so the efficiency of coarse filter equipment is based on the filter of 5 microns.

Medium filter: it is mainly used as the final filter and pre-filter of the filter in general air conditioning system, because it has a pre-filter in front of it. It is mainly used to intercept 1-10 micron suspension. For particles, the efficiency is based on 1 micron filtration.

Medium effect, sub effect filter

Sub-mechanical filter: can be used as the end filter of general purification system. It can also improve the purification effect of the system and better protect the filter. As an intermediate filter, it is mainly used to intercept 1-5 microns. Suspended particles, whose efficiency is also filtered.

Sub-filter: can be used as the end filter of clean room to achieve a certain degree of air cleanliness. It can also be used as a pre-filter for filters to further ensure the cleanliness of the air supply. It can also be used as a filter for fresh air. Improve the quality of fresh air. Thus, like filters, it is primarily used to capture sub-micron particles below 1 micron, with an efficiency based on 0.5 micron filtering.

Filters: it is an important filter in the clean room, designed to achieve 0.5 micron cleanliness, but its efficiency is based on 0.3 micron filtration. If further subdivision, in order to achieve a level of cleanliness of 0.1 micron, the efficiency is based on 0.1 micron filtration, we call it filter.