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How Long Can The Oil Filter Last

How Long Can The Oil Filter Last

Apr 01, 2021

For different quality engine oils, the number of kilometers required to change the oil will be different. For example, it is recommended to change every 5000 km for ordinary mineral engine oil, for semi-synthetic engine oil at 7500 km, and for fully synthetic engine oil every 10,000 km. The time can be half a year or a year. Therefore, when the oil is changed, the oil filter element is changed.

Oil filter elements also have inferior quality filter elements. Some small workshops manufacture crude oil filter elements without brands or high imitation brands. Maybe 3000 to 5000 kilometers will be replaced, or even better not.

In the daily work of the engine, there will be a lot of metal debris, dust and other impurities mixed into the engine oil. The function of the oil filter is to filter out these impurities, keep the engine oil clean, protect the lubricating parts of the engine, and prolong the service life of the engine. Therefore, the quality of the oil filter is very important.

The high-quality filter elements of big brands or the original filter elements are generally of good quality, reliable, and good oil filtration. Unlike inferior oil filter elements, the filtering effect is poor. Even the paper filter element in the oil filter element may be damaged after a long time, while the high-quality oil filter element can use 10,000 kilometers without any problems.

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The current oil filter elements are generally divided into iron filter elements and paper filter elements. Iron filter elements are generally used. Paper filter elements are relatively less used. For example, some company engines basically use paper filter elements. However,most Japanese engines use iron filter elements, and a small part also use paper filter elements. Regardless of whether it is an iron filter element or a paper filter element, the effect is the same. The inner part of iron filter element is also a paper filter element.

The inferior filter element is cut open, and it can be clearly seen that the internal paper filter element is of poor quality, which is obviously different from the high-quality filter element. Inferior oil filter elements may not have a check valve inside. The check valve prevents the oil from returning after the engine is turned off and maintains the oil pressure.

Not only the filter element must be qualified, but also the oil must be qualified. Both of these are unqualified,then the lubrication system of the engine is greatly reduced. The inferior oil filter element not only blacks quickly, but also ages faster.Therefore,unqualified oil and filter elements should be replaced in advance

In short, the oil filter element can be replaced with the oil replacement cycle.