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How To Clean The Air Filter

How To Clean The Air Filter

Jan 09, 2019

1. Master the characteristics of paper filter and cleaning method

This filter element uses microporous filter paper and the surface is treated. When the engine is running, the air filters the dust through the micro holes to ensure that the clean air enters the cylinder. In use, a layer of dust adheres around the filter element. When cleaning, do not use water or oil to prevent the oil from immersing the filter element.

2. Regular cleaning and replacement of filter elements

In use, the air filter element should be cleaned regularly according to the car maintenance regulations, so as to avoid increasing the intake resistance, reducing the engine power and increasing the fuel consumption due to excessive adhesion of dust on the filter element. If the filter element is damaged, it should be replaced in time.

3. Correct installation to prevent air from entering the cylinder without filtration

When inspecting the air filter, the gasket on the filter element must be securely installed. If the gasket has deteriorated or broken, replace it with a new one.

4. When replacing a new filter element, do not use inferior filter elements.

Generally, high-quality and inferior filter elements can be identified from the packaging and appearance, and can also be inspected after installation. If the new filter element is installed, the CO emitted by the automobile exceeds the standard, and the CO emitted when the filter element is not installed meets the standard, indicating that the filter element has poor gas permeability and is unqualified. Filter element.