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Hydraulic Oil Filter Installation Steps

Hydraulic Oil Filter Installation Steps

Apr 28, 2017

1, installed in the hydraulic pump suction nozzle, the pump oil suction mouth To install the oil filter, you can protect all components in the system, but due to the pump suction resistance to the limit, can only choose the pressure loss of small mesh oil filter. The filter precision of the oil filter is low, the pump wear particles will come into the system, other hydraulic components of the system can not be fully protected, but also need other oil filter strings in the use of the circuit.

2, installed in the oil outlet of the hydraulic pump, this installation can effectively protect other hydraulic components except the pump, however, because the oil filter is under high-pressure work, the filter needs to have a high strength, in order to prevent the blockage of the oil filter caused by hydraulic pump overload or damage to the oil filter, often in the oil filter to set up a plug indicator or bypass valve to protect.

3, installed in the back circuit, the oil filter installed on the system back to the circuit. This method can be used to remove the oil tank or tube wall oxide layer or hydraulic components of the particles to wear out of the filter, to ensure that the hydraulic oil in the tank cleaning the pump and other components are protected. Because of the lower oil pressure, the strength of the required oil filter does not have to be too high.

4, installed on the road, this way mainly installed in the overflow valve back to the circuit, this will not increase the main oil pressure loss, the flow of the filter can be less than the pump flow, more economical and reasonable. But it is not possible to filter all the oil, nor does it guarantee that impurities will not enter the system.

5, separate filtration, with a hydraulic pump and oil filter separately formed an independent and system outside the filtration loop, so that the system can continuously remove impurities, ensure the system clearance. Generally used for large hydraulic systems.