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Install Oil Filter

Install Oil Filter

Sep 18, 2019

(1) the pump inlet oil suction filter to protect pump, cause its not to inhale large mechanical impurities, and according to the requirement of the pump, coarse or ordinary precision filter are available, and in order not to influence on the performance of the pump oil absorption, prevent cavitation, oil filter filtration ability should be more than twice of pump flow, pressure loss should not exceed 0.01 ~ 0.035 MPa.

(2) the high-pressure oil filter on the oil path at the pump outlet is mainly used to filter out contaminated impurities entering the hydraulic system. Generally, oil filter with filtration accuracy of 10~15mm is adopted. It should be able to withstand the oil road work pressure and impact pressure, the pressure drop should be less than 0.35mpa, and there should be a safety valve or plug state signaling device, to prevent pump overload and filter core damage.

(3) the low-pressure oil filter in the return oil path of the system can filter out the pollutants before the oil flows into the oil tank and provide clean oil for the hydraulic pump. Due to the low pressure of oil return route, the filter with low core strength can be used, and allow the filter to have a large pressure drop.

(4) large hydraulic systems installed in bypass filtration systems other than the system can be specially equipped with an oil filter subsystem composed of a hydraulic pump and an oil filter to filter out impurities in the oil to protect the main system. When installing the filter, it should be noted that the general filter can only be used in one direction, that is, the inlet and outlet are not interchangeable.