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Introduction On Air Filter

Introduction On Air Filter

Mar 31, 2021

Compared with traditional air filter equipment, self-cleaning air filters have the characteristics of simple structure, long service life of filter elements, and small maintenance workload.

For high-speed equipment such as air compressors, blowers, and steam turbines, dust is one of the main reasons that affect the long-term normal operation of the equipment. The fouling of dust inside the equipment will affect the airflow movement, destroy the balance of the impeller, and cause the rotor shaft to vibrate. Exacerbate the over-standard and make the surge curve drift.

self-cleaning air filter

Features of self-cleaning air filter

The self-cleaning air filter has the characteristics of high filter efficiency, large space utilization, good energy saving, long service life of the filter material, and online replacement. Compared with the traditional bag filter, it has a stronger self-cleaning effect and anti-humidity and anti-freezing ability.

The self-cleaning air filter can be used not only in the foggy and rainy seasons, but also in the low temperature and icy weather in winter and the desert environment with a lot of dust.

Application range of self-cleaning air filter

The self-cleaning air filter is not only suitable for various air separation devices such as air compressors, but also can be used in conjunction with high-power diesel engines, large air conditioners and all large air volume equipment.

It is especially suitable for supporting or technical transformation of air-using equipment with high dust concentration and strict air purification indicators.