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Method Of Increasing Air Filter Air Volume

Method Of Increasing Air Filter Air Volume

Nov 23, 2018

Ways to increase the air filter air volume:

   1. Increase the number of folds of the filter: The direct way to increase the air volume by folding the filter is to increase the number of filter materials. The number of folds directly determines the windward area. The more the number of folds, the larger the air volume.

   2. Increase the size of the filter: the larger the size of the filter, the larger the windward area. The area is an indispensable factor in determining the air volume, so this is a direct and effective method;

   3. Increase the distance between the filter and the filter: the filter installation position is generally effective, medium efficiency and high efficiency. The farther the filter is from the filter, the smaller the resistance and the larger the air volume.

   4. Replace the large air volume fan.