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Oil Filter Type Characteristics

Oil Filter Type Characteristics

Sep 18, 2019

Net type oil filter

Net type oil filter, the filter core with copper mesh or stainless steel mesh as the filtering material, in the surrounding open a very porous plastic or metal cylindrical skeleton, wrapped a layer or two layers of copper wire mesh, the filtering accuracy depends on the number of copper mesh layer and mesh size. This kind of oil filter is simple in structure, large in flow capacity, easy to clean, but low in filtration accuracy, generally used for the oil suction port of hydraulic pump.

Wire-gap oil filter

A wire-gap oil filter, which consists of steel or aluminum wire tightly wound around the outside of the cylindrical skeleton to form a filter core, relies on the tiny gap between the copper wires to filter out impurities mixed with the liquid. Its structure is simple, the flow capacity is big, the filtering accuracy is higher than the net type filter, but not easy to clean, mostly for the return oil filter.

Paper oil filter

A paper oil filter whose filter core is a paper core made of tabby or corrugated phenolic resin or wood pulp microporous filter paper. The paper core is surrounded by a skeleton made of tinplate with holes to increase the strength. In order to increase the filtration area, the paper core is generally made into a folded shape. Its filtration accuracy is higher, generally used for fine filtration of oil, but can not be cleaned after blocking, the filter element must be replaced frequently.

Sintered oil filter

The filter core of the sintered oil filter is sintered with metal powder, and the pores between the particles are used to prevent impurities in the oil from passing through. Its filter core can withstand high pressure, good corrosion resistance, high filtration accuracy, suitable for the requirements of fine filtration of high pressure, high temperature hydraulic system.