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Precautions For Use Of Oil Filter

Precautions For Use Of Oil Filter

Apr 28, 2017

1. The oil filter can not be reversed when the pump is started, lest the shaft seal of the suction pump is blown out of the air.

2. The suction air of the oil filter oil machine should open the exhaust valve in time, and the exhaust valve is closed in time after discharging the air.

3. Oil suction process pump sound big, oil-absorbent, please consider the pump before the coarse filtration is blocked, timely removal and reuse.

4. Oil filter application to a certain extent, inside the filter will accumulate dirt, pressure difference increases, filtration capacity to reduce, when the pressure difference to reach 035Mpa, need to replace the filter.

5. The operation of the oil filter problems or the effect of the filter is not satisfactory, please contact the manufacturer's adjustment in time