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Selection Of Vacuum Degree Of Steam Turbine Oil Filter

Selection Of Vacuum Degree Of Steam Turbine Oil Filter

Apr 28, 2017

1. Flow can not be small, the greater the flow of filtration the better

2. Attention to the applicable occasions if the need for explosion-proof selection of oil filter

3. Need to bring the fuel tank please select LYC-CL with the fuel tank type oil Filter

4. The use of the occasion of the supply voltage is 380V or 220V

5. Viscosity higher than 160CST Please select high viscosity oil filter

6. Equipment for water sensitive, please choose condensate dehydration oil filter or high-efficiency vacuum oil filter Machine

7. Whether the high solids content of the oil products, whether the emulsifying phenomenon is serious, the occurrence of this kind of situation to choose high-solid content oil Filter

8. Worried about the equipment, the environment pollution, please select the box type oil filter machine

9. Easy to carry, use of economical convenience, can choose portable oil filter