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The Development Prospects Of Filters(2)

The Development Prospects Of Filters(2)

Dec 18, 2020

The fierce competition in the filter market is mainly manifested in the after-sales market. Filters are vulnerable parts on automobiles and need to be replaced regularly. Therefore, sales in the after-sales market are very large, which directly leads to filter companies competing for the after-sales market. The quantity is far more than the supporting market.

In addition, there are many manufacturers in the automotive filter industry in my country, and they are generally small in scale. Most of them are hand-workshop-style automotive filter companies with incomplete production conditions, backward testing methods, and smaller scales. Can not meet the requirements of supporting, so it can only compete in the aftermarket.

The fierce competition among enterprises has resulted in low brand concentration in the filter after-sales market. The top 5 filter companies have a market share of only 15%. In the supporting market, the market share of the top 5 filter companies reached 40%. Although the filter after-sales market is in great demand, as more and more companies enter this market, in fact, the filter after-sales market has entered an era of meager profit, and the profit margin is still shrinking.

With the improvement of industry production capacity, the products of my country's independent brand filter companies can not only meet the needs of domestic OEMs for supporting and after-sales services, but also have a considerable number of filters exported to Europe, North America, the Middle East, Southeast Asia and other regions . From the perspective of domestic industry market share, independent brand filter companies have certain advantages, but multinational companies occupy an important market position and almost monopolize the supporting market for high-end car filters.