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The Historical Filling Oil Filter And Installation Method

The Historical Filling Oil Filter And Installation Method

Jul 31, 2019

The filling oil installation method was adopted long time ago. This can make the new filter run in faster, and the oil can reach the lubricating part more quickly, thus playing a better role in protecting the engine. Originally, the original purpose of the technology of the oil filling installation was to exhaust the oil filter. They believe that the oil filter can’t be exhausted manually, and the cleanliness of the new oil is good, we can use the liquid pressure gas method to achieve a comprehensive lubrication of the oil filter effect, in order to achieve better engine protection.


  • Time Makes Technology Becoming Memory

It turns out that since the incentive entered the era of common rail, fuel systems, especially injectors, have become quite sophisticated, and a little impurity may cause expensive injectors to scrap. At this time, many people continue to use the previous method of oil filling to replace the filter, leading to the direct entry of unfiltered diesel into the filter chamber. If the diesel contains particulate impurities at this time, it will directly cause the wear and tear of the injector.

  • Nowadays the correct replacement methods as following

1. Remove the old filter;

2. Install the new filter on the base of the filter;

3. Unscrew the bleeding bolt on the base or oil pump;

4. Press the hand oil pump to exhaust until the new filter is filled and no bubbles appear on the exhaust bolt.


Because of the large filter area and capacity in the oil filter house, the exhaust process is slow, you must press the hand oil pump several times.