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The Life Cycle Of The Fuel Filter

The Life Cycle Of The Fuel Filter

Nov 20, 2020

First of all, there are different types of fuel filters. For example, the fuel filter of Mazda 6 is built-in and linked to the gasoline pump; while the fuel filter clarifier of Geely Boyue is external, which can be directly observed from the chassis. So, the replacement cycle of the external and built-in fuel filter is definitely different.

Generally, the replacement cycle of the external fuel filter is about 20,000 to 40,000 kilometers, while the built-in fuel filter is between 60,000 to 80,000 kilometers. It is generally not recommended to replace it after 100,000 kilometers. The price of a filter element for filtering fuel is less than 100 yuan, so there is no need to hold it for too long.

One thing similar to the oil filter element is that the replacement cycle of the fuel filter is also greatly affected by the oil product. The higher the quality of the gasoline used, the fewer impurities, and the longer the service life of the gasoline filter, but it is not the same. The machine filter is so fixed. The engine filter must be replaced with the engine oil every time it is maintained. The oil life depends entirely on the oil quality. The worst mineral engine oil can only be used for 5000 kilometers, and the four types of PAO engine oils such as GT Magic Red with the strongest attenuation resistance are used. It can be used for 15,000 kilometers and then replaced.

In addition to fuel quality, the quality of the filter element itself is also very important. There are differences between the 20 yuan and 200 yuan filter elements in terms of filterability and quality, and the service life of high-quality filter elements is naturally longer.

Generally, there are a lot of oil accessories and items that need to be replaced during major maintenance. However, except for the oil filter, everything else can be replaced according to the actual situation. Therefore, it is not necessary to replace the fuel filter during major maintenance. The same is true for cleaning items. For example, if you use high-end engine oil such as GT Magic Red to clean the oil circuit, you don’t need to do it. If you use a relatively poor original engine oil, then not only the major maintenance needs to be cleaned, but also the minor maintenance. Poor quality oil will also produce more oil.