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The Role And Use Of Air Filters

The Role And Use Of Air Filters

Sep 26, 2019

Air filter is a commonly used air purification equipment, with good performance, can filter more than 90% of the impurities in the air, the filter effect is very good, can be said to be very good. Now air filter is mainly used in factories and shopping malls, large buildings, conference hall and other places, it has very good performance characteristics, the process is simple, permeability is good, the accuracy is more uniform and stable, there will be no leakage and regeneration performance is also better, regeneration speed is faster, more convenient installation, high efficiency and long use life more, so the air filter is widely used.

Air filter action principle is very simple, it is made of carbon materials, we know its internal pore structure developed, activated carbon adsorption capacity is very strong, you don't look down on activated carbon, if is a gram of activated carbon fully launched, there can be a football pitches, * * * is the size of a grain of activated carbon, it spread to have as big a room, therefore its adsorption ability is very strong, and until it is full of activated carbon absorption, it can repair repair at this moment. It is now used in air filters, and it is because of this good effect that it is widely used.

Air filter applications: mainly used in the central air conditioning and central ventilation system design field, in most factories is also commonly used, such as nuclear plant, chemical plant, pharmaceutical, food, environmental protection and other fields are widely used, can be said that with the development of the economy, air filter will be widely used. Install this kind of air filter words *** can improve the environmental quality, the effect is very good, can say that more than 90% of the impurities can be filtered out, so it is very good.

If the air filter is installed in the home, it can be said to improve the home environment is very helpful, we all know, because of the poor air quality, many people are afraid to go out, afraid to open the window, but not open the window is not good, what to do? This kind of air filter is better, can filter all the impurities in the air, very fresh.