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What Are The Benefits Of Using Good And Clean Air Filters?

What Are The Benefits Of Using Good And Clean Air Filters?

Aug 07, 2019

There are at least three benefits of using clean air filters. 

1. Your engine is more powerful and is faster. 

When your air filters are well-maintained the performance of your engine increases. You will have a higher pressure of airflow that will help the engine's combustion process make power more efficiently. As a result, the power of your engine increases and more horsepower and torque are created. 

You may wonder what we mean by horsepower? It is a measure of the engine's maximum power. And torque is the measure of the speed of acceleration, or, in other words, the throttle response. 

2. You spend less fuel for a long drive. 

The best part of having good working air filters is that your fuel consumption decreases enormously. You can tell the difference as you look back to what you have spent with your car on previous days when you used those filthy filters. 

We have a cause to rejoice here, because, listen, how long have we fought for a better environment globally? We always talk about green gas, and with such a cut down on our fuel consumption, we contribute to a great cause of making our world better. 

That means, when you keep your air filters clean, you keep your world clean. 

3. You save both money and time on maintenance. 

No joke! This is a double bonus. Because you have kept your engine in good shape, you can expect it to last longer. 

In fact, you don't have to worry about fixing your car every time, because having a breakdown will be incredibly rare. And if there is, it will only be a minor fix that will let you save up your money. 

You also don't have to worry about replacing the engine of your car anytime soon, which would be a huge expense on your part. 

Moreover, your time is treasured. Instead of going to a dealership to fix your car you go and do something else.