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LF670 Generator Engine Diesel Replacement Lube Oil Filter

LF670 Generator Engine Diesel Replacement Lube Oil Filter

LF670 oil filter, Our model is SOX-C2103, it can remove the impurities in lubrication oil circuit and providing clean lubrication oil for engine lubrication system well.The filter paper is HV material and the specification following the OE.


Diesel Engine Parts Truck Oil Filter LF777 LF9009 LF3000 LF9070 LF670

Product Characteristics

  • High Quality Shell Structure

Steel with thickness 0.8-1.0 mm, screw plate thickness can withstand 25 bar extremepressure and 2HZ-90,000 pulse test.

  • High Quality Sealing Ring

Experiments prove that the sealing rings areused by SL hasadvance performance like good oil resistance, high temperature resistance, no deformation, andstablecontinues sealing.

  • High Quality Filter Material

Filters are designed followedthe standard ISO19438 with high filtration efficiency, gooddustholding capacity. The filter materials won’t be carbonized at high oil temperature within 400 hours during the work,having a longlifetime.

  • Standardized Bypass Valves

The pressure setting of bypass valve reachesthe requirements, ensuring the effective filtration and protecting the engine.




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